The Columbus Catholic Renewal is under the Bishop's authority since 1979, through his currently appointed Liaison, Father Dean Mathewson.

Columbus Catholic Renewal flaming heart image

Our Mission

The Columbus Catholic Renewal's (CCR) mission is to Renew the fire of the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Church.

The Columbus Catholic Renewal offers events and programs. These make known the action and experience of the Holy Spirit in our time, with His increased effectiveness played out in our lives.

The full role of the Holy Spirit effects an exciting faith journey. It's marked with both the challenges and rewards of an ever-deepening personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Encouraging the Awareness and the Experience of the Full Role of the Holy Spirit leads to:

  • Experiencing union with God.
  • Inner transformation, leading to personal holiness.
  • Ministry empowered by charisms for evangelization and service.
  • Building communities that witness to renewed Catholic life.